Assalamu Alalikum Respected Community Members,

We hope everyone is inshaAllah well and able to benefit through the programming at the masjid over the holiday period. 

We would like to update you on the by-law and election process that is taking place.  As you know, the by-laws are being reviewed to update it as per the requirements of the new Ontario Corporation Act. The LMM Board is under advisement of Carter’s Law Firm, which specializes in non-profit organizations. Over the past year, the LMM Board and Carter’s Law has been reviewing and editing the by-laws as necessary. Due to this process and some of the new changes that are a requirement to the LMM, the election process has been delayed. We apologize for the delay. 

We are seeking to schedule a timeline for the election as soon the draft of the by-laws are ready to be circulated. We are currently looking at January 26 for the general meeting to discuss the by-laws. We are hoping to organize the elections in February. 

We thank you for your patience in this matter. Jazakum Allah khair.

Board of Directors

London Muslim Mosque