Upcoming Events

You have the power to give life!

You have the power to give life! You can make a lifesaving difference in people's lives. The London Muslim Mosque will be participating with the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) on April 22.

Zakat Made Easy

London’s Clean & Green 2019

London Islamic School Annual Dinner 2019

Preparing for Ramadan A Comprehensive Workshop

LMM Annual Fundraising Iftar 2019

Ramadan Qur’an Competition

Camp Shine 2019

The London Islamic School is proud to offer it’s Summer Program - Camp Shine.


Recurring Events

Quranic Arabic Class

A class offered by Dr. Moustafa Fahmy with the objective of understanding the language of the Quran.

Post-Isha Reminders

Short reminders by Dr. Amin Al-Ali that are offered after Isha prayers.

Deen for Teens

The Prophet's Prayer

Taekwondo for Girls & Boys

Learn patience, perseverance, self control, confidence, discipline and acquire a good physical condition with trainer Ahmed Ech-chahedy.

Sisters' Halaqa

Friday Night Sports

Free for boys and girls (ages 9+)!

Reverts Panel

Sunday Night Lecture